The brochures you can download here are all about you. It's about pleasant evenings with friends and family: smiling, chatting and enjoying the warmth and atmosphere. It's about creating special memories, making friendships and having fun.

You can choose from various brochures. In Special Gas you'll find the complete gas fire range from Faber. You'll also find our outdoor range in this brochure.

In Special Electric you'll find all electric fireplaces from Faber. There are 3 diverse flame images: Optiflame, Opti-myst and the brand-new Opti-Virtual. The various fireplaces all come in a 'plug-and-play' design.

You can also download the leaflets of the diverse wood stoves. In this niche, Faber also offers a varied assortment.

Faber Flue App:

Faber Flue App

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Blokhus Special Gas
Special Electric 2016
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Easy to Install; Special Gas
Special Wood
Special Gas 2016
Special Gas: MatriX 1050/650